One Less Orphan

This blog is a journal of our journey to Ellie Mei . She is an orphan living in an orphanage from ZhouKou, Henan, China.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving-1 Month Update!

What a great day to celebrate having our little China Doll for one month now!  She is precious.  A handful, but precious.  I am so thankful for her...her healthy, her energy, her sweetness, her bonding, her determination, and the beauty she has brought to our life.  She is perfect in every way God intended her to be.  It is amazing what a month can do!

 She is bonding so well, she will even let me rock her to sleep sometimes.  She loves to copy big sister Lizzie and they are learning to get along better (though the competition between the two can be exhausting).  They are both adjusting to each other.  She has an infectious laugh that comes easily.  She doesn't cry much and is curious about everything.  She cries when she can't find me, but I don't mind that.  She loves food and tries it all.  She doesn't love chocolate milk, which is a first for our family.  She does love hot milk in a bottle still, but we haven't had to buy formula since we have been home.  She's adjusted to the food very well.  And she is potty training on her own, meaning that we've finally figured out what she is saying and she doesn't want a dirty diaper.  Still not out of diapers, but it's not bad.  She loves having the other children around and I love having them fill the air with their laughter and play.  I am so grateful to be a mother of 5 wonderful and perfect children.  They are such a blessing and light in my life and bring me so much purpose.  I don't know if I like that two of them are now taller than me, but there isn't much I can do about that :-)


  1. She is darling! So happy for your family! I can't wait for our girls to get to meet again someday. Hopefully next winter when we come to Utah!

    1. We would love that. We don't ski (my husband and I do and did a ton when we were younger, but our boys have played sports all winter, so we don't any more), but we'd love to have you over for dinner!

  2. Hi, what a great blog! Congratulations on your new addition! We are currently in the process of adopting a little boy from the same orphanage that your daughter is from. Would you consider sharing some of your experience with the orphanage with us via email so that we could understand what the environment is like where our son is? We would love to be able to learn more, and if you are willing our email is Thank you for sharing your journey